Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Those Magical Summer Nights

Fireworks in Prospect Park.
There are some nights during the summer that are just seemingly perfect.  I felt like last Wednesday was one of these nights.  Luke had jetted off to Paris for a couple days for work but was returning on Wednesday.  We agreed to meet up at the New York Philharmonic's concert in Prospect Park, which was taking place that night. Our plans had been up in the air all day.  As is typical of July in New York City, the forecast had predicted rain.  But at around 7PM, the sky was still clear and it looked like the concert was a go.

Not wanting to cook beforehand, we grabbed a French baguette, brie and cured meats of various kinds from Trader Joe's and headed to Prospect Park.  We arrived 15 minutes before the concert was scheduled to start and already Long Meadow Ballfields was packed.  It was like almost all of Brooklyn was there.  We managed to find a spot to lie our blanket down and set up our makeshift French-inspired picnic.  We chatted about Luke's trip to Paris and what I did in Brooklyn to keep myself occupied while he was gone, as if we hadn't seen each other in years {in reality, it had been about four days}.

The large crowd waits for the New York Philharmonic to play.
After Marty Markowitz's stirring introduction, the New York Philharmonic began to play.  We lied down on the blanket and stared up at the sky as the sun started to set, listening to the music in the background.  There was, of course, chatter in the background as friends were catching up with one another and new friends were being made.  But the music itself was so mesmerizing that it was easy to tune out the background noise and focus on the beautiful music.  At that moment, I forgot about all the downsides of living in New York City {like the high rent, the smelly streets, the hot subway platforms; the list could go on and on..}.  Rather, I was filled with happiness that I live in this special city.  In this moment, when I was relaxing to the live music of one of the world's best orchestras {for free!}, I was grateful to be a New Yorker.  And, like a cherry on top to a magical summer evening, I spotted not one but three stars in the night sky.

Impressive fireworks
After the New York Philharmonic finished playing, fireworks began to set off to the left of the stage.  Although the famous Fourth of July fireworks had only taken place a week earlier, everyone was in awe of the fireworks shooting through the air above Prospect Park.  This was no dinky fireworks show; after all, Marty Markowitz had promised the best.  Everyone cheered and clapped as soon as the fireworks were done, and then we all headed back on the subway to go home to our normal lives.  But the memory of the summer heat, the sounds of the orchestra and the fireworks in the night sky would stick with us forever.

The New York Philharmonic's 2013 Concerts in the Park are finished for the summer but stay tuned for next year's concerts.


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