Monday, July 1, 2013

July To Do List

Drinking rose outdoors.
Happy July!  Here's my July to do list:

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One.  Escaping the July 4th Humidity.  Don't get me wrong; I love July 4th in the City.  There's nothing like preparing a little picnic in the park and waiting for the fireworks to come.  But given the rain we've been having, I'm taking the opportunity to go west to Colorado this long July 4th weekend in search of better weather.  Plus, it's a much needed escape from all the humidity we've been experiencing as well!  Don't worry; I'll take pictures.

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Two.  Staying Cool.  Seriously, the humidity is driving me crazy.  Thankfully, New York City's public pools opened last Thursday and are here to stay until September 2nd.  I've been running past the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pop-Up Pool recently, and I have to say it looks pretty inviting.  So this July, I'm hoping to take an early morning dip in that pool.     
Hopefully ice cream sandwiches are part of this class.

Three.  Ice Cream Making Class.  Speaking of staying cool, we've signed up for the Homemade Ice Cream class at Brooklyn Brainery.  I've raved about how much I learned at the last Brooklyn Brainery class I attended, but this time I'm just hoping that there is a lot of taste testing involved. 

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Four.  Getting Classy.  This July, there are two very classy {and free!} events to attend.  First, the New York Philharmonic plays in Prospect Park on July 10th, and then on July 19th, you can head on over to Brooklyn Bridge Park to hear the sounds of the Metropolitan Opera.  It's never been easier to go to the park and feel sophisticated at the same time.

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Five.  Beer Gardens.  In case that was a little too much sophistication for you, July is also my favorite time to visit the beer gardens around the City.  A favorite of mine is Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden in Astoria, since its cheap prices, good beer, and great atmosphere are hard to beat.  But, since this blog is primarily about my life in Brooklyn, I'm making it a personal goal to check out Radegast Hall & Biergarten in Williamsburg this July. 

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Six.  Vacation Time.  And speaking of relaxation, beer, and fun, I'm headed out on vacation this July.  We're looking forward to a trip of hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc in Switzerland, France and Italy.  Of course, we'll need to stock up on some new hiking gear, which is why I'm thinking a visit to Gear to Go Outfitters is a necessity before we go.  Here's to wishing us luck on our first multi-day hike!   

What's on your July to do list?



Leslie Beslie said...

There's a Beer Hall (indoors) in Park Slope that is pretty good too!

BIB Brooklyn said...

Thanks, Leslie! I've been meaning to check out that one too!

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