Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Return to Brooklyn's Most Difficult Trivia

Game over.
I knew that when I started this blog, there would eventually come a time when I started writing about things that have already made an appearance on the blog.  I've actually welcomed the prospect.  Returning to things done in the past presents a chance to reflect on the new experience with more wisdom and knowledge than experiencing it for the first time.  And so, emboldened by the thought of being older and wiser {or perhaps just following friends}, I returned to Pacific Standard's Sunday trivia night in hopes of possibly getting an honorable mention this time or, at the very least, getting more questions right than our last trip there.

So at the risk of sounding repetitive, I won't spend much time harping on how difficult the trivia is.  Aside from a general knowledge round and a beer tasting test, the trivia varies its focus from week to week.  This Sunday, we were bestowed with the categories of words, pseudoscience and sailing.  Actually, we were thrilled to see that sailing was a category, given that the SO and I had done a brief stint in sailing school two years ago and we thought we had picked up some knowledge of the sport.  But as it turned out, taking a five-week course in sailing only assisted in all of one question, which, judging by the cheers as the answer to that question was announced, everyone else already knew.

Instead, I'll spend some time sharing my vast knowledge acquired by my now two visits to Pacific Standard's trivia.  First, guessing really counts, regardless of how ridiculous the guess might be.  There were so many questions that we jokingly guessed answers to and didn't write our guesses down, and guess what, one of our guesses turned out to be right.  For example, there was a question on a Hamlet character and none of us had read Hamlet.  But I had remembered a scene in "Clueless" {yes, you read that correctly} where Cher talks about the movie "Hamlet" with Mel Gibson and briefly references another Hamlet character, Polonius.  I threw out that name not very seriously and we ended up leaving that question blank but it TURNED OUT TO BE THE RIGHT ANSWER.  We could have received one extra point, which would have notched up our score to a possible 15.

Second, sit at the front of the bar.  When we arrived a full 25 minutes before the trivia started, there was only one empty table in the back room.  This made sense, as the back room is where you can see the questions projected on a screen and can use mind tricks to possibly soak up all the information from the surrounding books decorating the walls.  On the other hand, the front of the bar was relatively empty.  However, it turned out all the top ranked trivia teams were sitting at the front of the bar.  So say what you will about correlation and causation, but I think the front room has some special aura that must impart smartness on all the people who sit there.

Third, do not do this trivia while on the Paleo diet.  I briefly mentioned that I'm using the month of June to test out the Paleo diet {and if you follow me on Instagram, you can see all the delicious things I've been eating}, but trivia night was not the best place for my diet.  Granted, I was in a weak state; my body was still adjusting to the diet and I was dreaming of focaccia every night.  But it was not easy to be surrounded by beer, It's-It ice cream sandwiches, and pizza for a full two hours.  I couldn't even partake in the beer tasting round, although I'm not sure how much my help would have mattered {yes, I may have been able to identify the beer as a pale ale, but pale ales comprised about 70% of the menu}.  The result was that I couldn't fully focus my attention on the trivia at hand because I was too busy chanting this manta in my head: "I'm leading a healthier life... I'm leading a healthier life..."

With all this knowledge, we did fair better than our last trip there.  Although, to be honest, no one could quite remember how we did last time, except for the fact that we did terribly.  Here's to hoping the third time's a charm. 

Where the smart people sit.
Pacific Standard
82 Fourth Avenue
Mon to Thurs (4PM-4AM), Fri to Sun (12PM-4AM)
Trivia happens every Sunday night at 8PM; check Pacific Standard's blog for more details.


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