Thursday, May 16, 2013

Afternoon Craving: Sweet Potato Fries

The sweet potato fries at Van Horn.
As I prepare for the Brooklyn Half Marathon {my first!} this Saturday, I've been using this time to justify eating a lot of carbs.  Usually one to stay clear of pasta or french fries {sometimes successfully, sometimes not so successfully}, this week is my excuse to go all out on the pasta, french fries and more.  That's why this afternoon, I'm craving the oh-so-delicious sweet potato fries from Van Horn in Cobble Hill.

Inside Van Horn
The outdoor patio
Van Horn is a cute restaurant serving country food on Court Street.  When you first walk in, the restaurant seems small.  There's enough room for a tiny bar, and even on a Tuesday night, almost all the tables are full.  We decided to test out the patio area, which is cleverly half enclosed {and complete with heat lamps!} and half outdoors.  Although we decided to sit in the enclosed part that night, we were already thinking about coming back in the weeks ahead to enjoy some of that outdoor space.

Midnight Mule
I started the meal with a Midnight Mule, a refreshing cocktail that had quite a bit of ginger kick to it.  The cocktail proved to be quite a nice contrast to my main course, the catfish sandwich.  The catfish sandwich, lightly breaded between two nice pieces of soft bread, was very spicy.  While I note here that I'm probably more sensitive to spicy foods than most people, it would have been nice to get a warning that this was a spicy dish.  Otherwise, the fish was cooked well and very warm.  Lucky for me, the SO - a person of more spice-tolerance than I - kindly took half of my sandwich and gave me half of his pork sandwich, which was very tasty and very calming to my mouth.

A spicy catfish sandwich.
For me, the sweet potato fries were easily the star of this meal.  When they arrived to our table, I noticed that the fries were cut in all different sizes - an indication of the special handiwork that goes into making the fries.  The fries had the unique ability to be both crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  They came with a sweet sauce, which I found myself dipping the fries into on numerous occasions.  It complimented the sweetness and salty taste of the fries.  Between the SO and I, the fries were gone pretty quickly.

All in all, Van Horn offered us a pretty good carb-filled meal.  Now, if only I had a half marathon to train for every week so I could keep coming back for more of those sweet potato fries.

Van Horn
231 Court Street
Tues to Fri (12PM-11PM), Sat to Sun (11AM-12AM)


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