Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Perfect 30th Birthday Treat: Nine Cakes

The cake from Nine Cakes

This past Saturday, we celebrated the SO's 30th birthday.  A momentous occasion deserves a special treat, and so I turned to Nine Cakes to prepare a cake for our festivities. 

Ordering from Nine Cakes is extremely easy; you visit their website, look at their menu and email Betsy, who responds very quickly.  Although tempted by the custom cakes pictured on the Nine Cakes website, we decided to order one of their signature cakes, the "Coconut Dreams." 

A week later, I walked to Nine Cakes to pick up our cake.  The storefront is nicely decorated, and adds a bit of flair on an otherwise dreary street.  Once you step inside, you see the bakers hard at work.  Our Coconut Dreams was already waiting for me at the counter.  Soon, I was out the door.  My only regret is that after a major Zip Car malfunction, I had to walk back home with our beautiful cake.  This explains why you see a dent in the picture above; I alone am responsible for smudging a piece of perfection.

The cake was a huge success.  We all loved the coconut, which tasted refreshing after eating hamburgers and sausages.  Although the cake was made of buttercream, the cake still managed to feel light and not too sweet, making us all feel a little bit better when we grabbed a second piece.  Luckily, the cake was large enough to leave us some leftovers, so we've been sneaking bites every night since.  Once we're done, we'll be waiting for the next occasion to celebrate so we can order another cake -- perhaps Memorial Day festivities are in order?  

A slice of our cake

The storefront of Nine Cakes
Nine Cakes
155 Columbia Street
Hours by appointment


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