Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This Blogger's "Strong Place"

There are times in this blogger's life when she unexpectedly gets held up at work late on a Friday night.  When this happens, things aren't pretty.  She gets cranky and stressed out, sometimes forgetting to eat.  You feel bad for the SO, who has to calm her down.  Enter Strong Place - a gastropub/bar providing hearty beer and good food.

I entered Strong Place ravenous (I wasn't kidding about the forgetting to eat).  Luckily, there is always a place to sit at Strong Place, but it's never empty so as to make you skeptical about eating there.  You enter into the restaurant and are greeted by what seems like an endless bar.  The hostess takes you to the back of the restaurant, where there can't be more than 10 small tables, most of which are occupied by couples.  It's quieter and calmer here, although the bar itself isn't that noisy despite the televisions showing basketball/hockey/some other sport.

The SO had arrived at Strong Place before I did, and so he was already on his first beer.  "Here, try it," he says, handing me the beer.  He notes the beer is 10% ABV.  But despite its strength, the beer is good, and just what I needed.  Not too hoppy.

After a brief glance at the menu, I decide on the Spicy Duck Fat Edamame and the Lamb Burger.  What the hell, right?  I worked past 6PM on Friday, and I deserve it!  Truth be told, I thought the edamame would be healthier than it was.  Yes, I know you're thinking, "Did you not see the 'DUCK FAT', you idiot?"  I had expected the edamame to be lightly coated in duck fat, but this was a full-on pour.  It was, of course, tasty and it made the edamame, a food that can be so blah, interesting (in a good, greasy kind of way).

The lamb burger with feta and a side order of fries was excellent.  It was extremely juicy and thus extremely messy. I had to ask the waitress for additional paper napkins, and she nicely stated that the cloth napkin I already had wasn't very absorbent so as to save me embarrassment.  But the embarrassment was worth it. Each sweet bite of lamb I took seemed to make me forget about the annoyance of working late.  And the fries were a perfect balance of saltiness, crispness, and softness, if that makes any sense.  I continued to eat until I was full, and then I ate for another five minutes.

The SO ordered the Ragu Bolognese, a meat sauce that is not attached to any pasta, but comes with slices of bread instead.  It was smart -- nobody really wants the pasta when they order a bolognese dish, and they're always just wishing that they had pieces of bread to scoop up the sauce.  I want to say that the Ragu Bolognese was delicious, but truth be told, the SO ate it all before I could accurately describe the taste in my mind.

We left Strong Place with our bellies full and our spirits replenished, and hoping that we won't have to wait until another late Friday night at the office to return again. 

Seating area in the back

Spicy Duck Fat Edamame

Ragu Bolognese

Strong Place
270 Court Street
Mon-Thurs (4-12), Fri (11:30-2), Sat (10:30-2), Sun (10:30-12)

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