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Brooklyn's Most Difficult Trivia: Pacific Standard

All these smart people don't have anything on Pacific Standard's trivia.
I'm a bit of a trivia buff.  This doesn't mean that I actually know anything, but I enjoy a good trivia game.  I come from a family that can get ultra-competitive about trivia; so much so that we've collected a hoarder-style stash of pens, frisbees, and mugs from winning cruise ship trivia games.  So when our friends suggested that the SO and I join them for Pacific Standard's weekly pub trivia, we immediately said yes.

After getting rejected at Franny's because it had been packed since 4PM -- side note, but I am so excited for Franny's to move to a bigger space and hopefully cut down on those ridiculous waits! -- we headed to South Brooklyn Pizza.  Luckily, Pacific Standard allows its patrons to order food to the bar or bring food from nearby establishments.  Our plan was to get a pie from South Brooklyn Pizza and find good seats for the trivia, which can fill up the bar quite quickly.

South Brooklyn Pizza is a very small, almost standing-room-only, pizza joint.  While we waited for our pizza to be made, we listened to music blaring from the bar next door and perused the many videotapes available in the store.  The man making the pizza was nice, and put up with a brief argument as to whether we should order "sweet" or "spicy" sausages (FYI, we chose spicy).  Soon our pizza and garlic knots were cooked, and we marched across the street to Pacific Standard.

Pacific Standard has a cool, California laid-back vibe.  The front of the bar is nice, but it's the back room that feels special.  There are couches and bookshelves to make you feel like you're hanging out at your friend's apartment (I almost said "basement" here, but then I remembered, this is New York freakin' City and nobody has a basement).  The walls are decorated with Cal and Go Bears! flags.  There are even white Christmas lights, which reminds me of that scene from "Girls" when Hannah and Elijah decorate their apartment with similar white Christmas lights, in preparation for a party.  It's as if Pacific Standard has decorated their apartment in anticipation of us!

We sat down at a table in the back room with beers and pizza in tow.  Everyone agreed that the pizza was good, the ingredients were fresh, but that perhaps for $30, it was a "little expensive."  I'm always willing to pay a bit more for fresh mozzarella, but for about $4 a slice, it did seem a bit much. Nonetheless, I devoured my two slices and garlic knot, hoping to feed my brain in anticipation of trivia.

Turns out, that didn't work.  This trivia was hard.  The first question was something like, "What Baltimore military installation played an important role in the War of 1812?"  First off, I'm not even sure I remember there was a War of 1812, let alone know about the great military installations of Baltimore. And so, the trivia continued as such, with categories ranging from serial killers to putting together names of famous (or, as I would argue, "not so famous, but famous enough to have a Wikipedia page about them") people.  We were strongest at the general knowledge category, mostly because it focused on current events.  I felt like I contributed a decent share when it came to late 1990s pop culture, but that didn't generate enough points to garner us an honorable mention.  I'm still waiting for "Britney Spears" to be the category de jour, but, alas, this was not that night.

Overall, though, the pub trivia at Pacific Standard was two hours of a lot of fun.  We're hoping to start a group of people to consistently go to trivia night, so if you happen to be a Mensa member, then please, feel free to apply.  Until then, we had at least tasty and minty It's-It ice creams and good beer to drown our trivia sorrows.

South Brooklyn Pizza

The delicious (but a little pricey) pizza

The front room of Pacific Standard
Pacific Standard
82 Fourth Avenue
Mon to Thurs (4-4), Fri to Sun (12-4)
Trivia returns every Sunday night at 8PM on March 24th

South Brooklyn Pizza
63 Fourth Avenue
Mon to Sun (12-4)


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